The KUV100 #DARE range is growing!

19 February 2020

  • Dark detailing and #DARE decals as standard
  • Free insurance for one year included in the price
  • #DARE now available from less than R2 100 a month, with two airbags

February 19, 2020, Pretoria: The KUV100 K6+ #DARE has joined its K2+ #DARE sibling and is now available at Mahindra dealers across South Africa.

Mahindra first announced in January that it was growing the #DARE range, following the success of the K2+ #DARE and the successful inauguration of its Special Fitment Centre in Gauteng. The #DARE range is created at this fitment centre, alongside models such as the newly introduced S11 Pik Up Karoo AT.

The KUV100 NXT is one of our most popular model ranges, thanks to its combination of low fuel consumption, industry-leading safety and SUV styling,” says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.

“With the #DARE, we have injected extra style and specification, while keeping the price as affordable as possible. It is no wonder then that our first consignment of K2+ #DARE models sold out so quickly.”

Mahindra has decided to make the #DARE a permanent addition to the Mahindra range and, with the introduction of the K6+ #DARE, it now has two specification levels on offer.

The K6+ #DARE will slot in between the K6+ and K8 models and will be immediately identifiable thanks to the black detailing and #DARE decals. The detailing includes a new black roof and darkened 15” alloy wheels.

Inside, Mahindra has added branded carpets to the list of standard equipment, which already include air conditioning, electric windows, speed sensing door locks and a stunning 7” full colour entertainment system with Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Like all other models in the range, the KUV100 K6+ #DARE has ABS brakes with emergency brake assistance and two airbags. The KUV100 NXT remains one of the safest vehicles in its class and boasts a five-star crash test rating from India’s authoritative BNCAP Safety Assessment Programme.

The KUV100 NXT has been making news in recent months, after it scored the highest rating in the A1 class in the WesBank Fuel Economy Tour. The KUV diesel averaged less than 5.3 litres / 100 km, beating all other contenders and helping Mahindra to rank in the top 3 of the most fuel-efficient brands in South Africa.

Prior to that, the Kinsey Report found that the KUV100 NXT was the most-affordable compact crossover to repair and maintain. This fact no doubt helped Mahindra secure its first large fleet purchase, and the KUV has now become a regular sight at vehicle rental fleets.

“With the #DARE, we prove that you do not have to break the bank to have a stylish compact SUV. At less than R2 600 a month, with a year’s insurance included, you do not have to compromise on specifications or style,” says Rajesh.

Mahindra KUV100 NXT range
KUV100 NXT K2 Petrol R142 999
KUV100 NXT K2+ #DARE Petrol R155 999
KUV100 NXT K6+ Petrol R184 999
KUV100 NXT K6+ #DARE Petrol R195 999
KUV100 NXT K6+ Diesel R214 999
KUV100 NXT K8+ Petrol R209 999
KUV100 NXT K8+ Diesel R234 999