Great Value.Great Service

#GreatValueGreatService is a strategic initiative from Mahindra South Africa to redefine the Aftersales Service. The key intention is to create deeper association with its Customers by offering homogenous & delightful experience across its network. This enhanced value proposition is targeted to address the expectation of its increasing customer base throughout the ownership period, customised need of diverse profile of Customers & finally the emerging needs from this segment. The promise statement addresses three primary aspects of customer expectations 1. Ease & Convenience, 2. Quality of Repair & 3. Affordability.

The Mahindra Promise:

Polite and courteous dealings with our customers.

Contact after the service for feedback.

Neat and clean facilities.

90% same day delivery*

First time right attention.

Ease of appointment.

Competitive cost of service.

Transparency in all charges.